Pea Ridge Recycling Now Managing the Tate County Landfill

On February 21, 2023, Pea Ridge Recycling officially began managing the Tate County Landfill, located at 592 Gravel Pit Road in Senatobia, Mississippi. The Tate County Landfill serves residents across multiple counties in North Mississippi. 

Pea Ridge Recycling is excited to extend its waste management reach and expertise to more customers in North Mississippi. Pea Ridge Recycling began operation in Oxford, Mississippi, recycling construction and demolition waste, including metal, wood, brick, drywall, cardboard, concrete, and much more. They currently have 30 dedicated employees serving commercial and residential customers around the Oxford area.

In 2023, Pea Ridge Recycling expanded metal recycling capabilities and founded Pea Ridge Metals, operating in the same Oxford location. Pea Ridge Metals buys metal waste from customers based on weight, and then recycles the metal to be used in other applications.