Pea Ridge Recycling & Construction Waste Management Clean Up Sam’s Town Casino Demolition

September 21, 2023 – Tunica, MS – Two North Mississippi companies are cleaning up the demolition of Sam’s Town Casino. Construction Waste Management (CWM) and Pea Ridge Recycling, on contract with Environmental Abatement, Inc. (EAI), are tasked with removing the demolition waste from the Sam’s Town Casino site in Tunica, Mississippi.

CWM delivered storage containers for the demolition crews on August 18, and began delivering dumpsters for waste material starting on August 30. Four dedicated drivers from CWM regularly haul the filled dumpsters to the Tate County Pea Ridge Recycling Landfill in Senatobia, MS. The Tate County Landfill serves residents across multiple counties in North Mississippi. At the landfill, construction waste is off-loaded, and recyclable materials are processed to keep them usable and out of the landfill. Recyclable materials mostly include concrete, steel, iron and other metals, and glass. Once the dumpsters are off-loaded, they are then delivered back to the work site to start the process all over again, until the project is complete.

“CWM is excited to be a part of this project. We are proud to offer impeccable waste hauling and disposal services by our highly qualified team. We are thankful for the daily challenge of maximizing our assets and ability to perform at the highest levels. We look forward to working on more large projects like these where we get to show what we’re capable of.”

The demolition of Sam’s Town Casino is slated to finish by the end of 2023. The post-demolition plans have yet to be released but we are hopeful Sam’s Town Casino will rebuild better and stronger for the local and regional community.


About Construction Waste Management (CWM)

Construction Waste Management has been providing the contractors of North Mississippi a solution to their construction waste needs since 2012. CWM prides itself on competitive pricing, responsible environmental practices, and exceptional customer service. CWM strives to be a leader in civil and commercial efforts to “go green” by managing and recycling construction waste materials. And with its fleet of trucks, storage containers, compactors, and waste bins, CWM can meet the full range of contractor needs with prompt solutions. 

About Pea Ridge Recycling

Pea Ridge Recycling is a Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Certified Class 1 Rubbish Site (Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill) located in Oxford, MS. Pea Ridge Recycling offers recycling solutions for cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, green waste, concrete, asphalt, and more. In 2023, Pea Ridge Recycling expanded metal recycling capabilities and founded Pea Ridge Metals, operating in the same Oxford location. They currently have 30 dedicated employees serving commercial and residential customers around the Oxford area.